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Silicon Labs enables Yeelight to quickly launch its first Matter-enabled occupancy sensor

Yeelight Pro P20 occupancy sensor with Silicon Labs MG24 2.4GHz wireless SoC provides robust, secure, and ultra-low-power connectivity in smart home applications across multiple ecosystems

AUSTIN, Texas, January 5, 2023 - Silicon Labs, the leader in secure, intelligent wireless technology for a more connected world announced today that Yeelight, a leader in smart lighting, has selected the Silicon Labs MG24 2.4GHz wireless SoC for its first Matter 1.0 battery-powered occupancy sensor, the Yeelight Pro P20, which will be exhibited at CES 2023 at Yeelight Booth #50326 Venetian Expo. Matter enables interoperability among products from different ecosystems, and the MG24 SoC provides a highly robust, secured, and low power wireless networking experience for users worldwide.

The Yeelight Pro P20 occupancy sensor is a sophisticated sensor designed for the global market. Its sensing functions feature active-passive dual-mode detections with infrared sensing to judge the human body, and radar to detect micro-motion. The sensor adopts multiple algorithms for accurate detection. The P20 sensor is battery-powered and will last over 3 years under battery mode. Its magnetic base provides further ease in its installation. In order to access more smart home ecosystems, Yeelight decided to adopt Matter, the latest IoT connectivity standard that works across existing protocols to create a unified smart home experience. After intensive evaluation and testing, Yeelight selected MG24 2.4GHz wireless SoC, launched by Silicon Labs earlier this year. Yeelight believes that the MG24 wireless SoC will unleash all of the advantages of this sensor and attract more customers to buy it.

Dhiraj Sogani, Senior Director of Wireless Product Marketing at Silicon Labs said, "We are very pleased to see that Yeelight is able to quickly launch their Matter 1.0-enabled occupancy sensor with the MG24 wireless SoC within such a short time after the release of Matter 1.0 standard. As the largest semiconductor code contributor to Matter, Silicon Labs will further strengthen cooperation with ecosystem partners to launch more Matter-enabled and Matter-certified products to help our customers break the connectivity barrier and achieve interoperability. We shall support them to develop innovative devices for more IoT edge sectors such as smart home."

The MG24 is an ultra-low-power, Matter-certified wireless SoC that supports Matter, Zigbee, OpenThread, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, proprietary and multi-protocol operations. With a built-in AI/ML accelerator that enables up to 4X greater performance improvement and up to 6X greater energy efficiency for AI/ML applications, MG24 is ideal for a variety of smart home, medical and industrial applications. Thanks to the ultra-low power consumption of MG24, the P20 occupancy sensor can be used under battery mode for more than 3 years, and it also supports line-power mode. The Yeelight Pro P20 occupancy sensor enables interoperability with IoT products from different brands and ecosystems, bringing easy connectivity and a simplified user experiences to end consumers.

Wilson Wei, Yeelight CTO, Head of R&D said, "We are proud to launch Yeelight Pro P20 occupancy sensor with support from Silicon Labs, an IoT expert. As an active participant in the Matter community, Yeelight successfully developed this Matter 1.0-enabled device in a short cycle with the MG24 wireless SoC, software and development tools from Silicon Labs. The support from Silicon Labs helps Yeelight to minimize the efforts and investment on RF, protocol and certification, and enables us to put our focus on developing a high-performance and low-power consumption product like the Yeelight Pro P20. The certification for the Matter standard provides cross-ecosystem ease of choice and application for global users."

As an emerging standard for smart home, the release of Matter 1.0 addresses the fragmentation of communication standards in the smart home market and make this market full of infinite possibilities. Silicon Labs has been working closely with global IoT device vendors like Yeelight to accelerate the development of Matter-certified, high performance system devices for operators of smart home ecosystems and end customers. These devices will further unleash the potentials of IoT era.

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