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Silicon Labs and Partners to Demonstrate Retail Micro-Location in Rainus Booth at EuroShop 2020

Asset Tracking Innovators Showcasing Demo in Hall 7 / Booth A15


DÜSSELDORF (EuroShop) – Feb. 16, 2020 – Silicon Labs, Rainus, Zliide and Quuppa are joining forces at EuroShop, the industry’s leading retail trade fair, to demonstrate an asset tracking solution using Bluetooth® angle of arrival (AoA) technology for micro-location of merchandise on the retail floor. The companies’ joint demo is located in the Rainus Booth A15 in Hall 7 at EuroShop, February 16-20, 2020, in Dusseldorf, Germany.


The demo showcases sub-1-meter indoor asset tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy and combines the following technologies:

  • Silicon Labs’ low-power, small-footprint Bluetooth SoCs and software
  • Rainus’s electronic shelf labels (ESL) for remote and dynamic pricing management
  • Zliide’s asset tag – an intelligent version of the classic loss prevention tag – for a seamless buying experience
  • Quuppa locators and position engine for tracking ESLs and smart tags attached to merchandise, enabling a fully integrated omnichannel shopping experience.


Omnichannel strategies define the ability of retailer or consumer brands to collect consumer data, drive customer loyalty and improve customer retention. To create a seamless customer experience across all channels, retail infrastructure requires a connected environment to provide consistent pricing across channels, promotional offers, personalized communications and cross-channel inventory visibility.


According to Retail TouchPoints®, 87 percent of retailers report that creating a seamless customer experience across all channels is the most important business goal of their company’s omnichannel strategy.


“We are excited to see a rapidly increasing interest in developing various Bluetooth direction finding-based applications and services for the retail sector, improving the omnichannel shopping experience,” said Fabio Belloni, chief customer officer and co-founder of Quuppa.


“Efficient collection of customer insight data and complementary relationships among different sales channels are the paramount challenges for today’s retail industry,” said Morten Møgelmose, CEO and co-founder of Zliide. “By creating the world’s first intelligent security tag that can communicate with the customers’ mobile devices, Zliide aims to provide fashion retailers with a tool for effortless data collection while allowing their customers to smoothly transition between channels.”


“According to Gartner, 65 percent of enterprises will require indoor location asset tracking by 2022,” said Ross Sabolcik, vice president and general manager of IoT commercial and industrial products at Silicon Labs. “As the first wireless SoC supplier to support Bluetooth direction finding, we offer optimized Bluetooth silicon, software and development tools to help our customers design low-cost, low-power products to fuel the market with smart traceable products for the growing location positioning ecosystem.”


For more information about Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth direction finding silicon, software and development tools, visit


About Quuppa

Quuppa has raised the bar for accurate location positioning, delivering the world's most open, accurate and reliable location positioning system thanks to its unique combination of Bluetooth, the Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) methodologies, as well as its advanced location algorithms and management software tools that have been developed over the course of more than 15 years. The Quuppa Ecosystem has more than 160 partners around the world today who are using Quuppa's open positioning platform to deliver accurate, cost-effective location solutions to companies in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security, government, asset tracking and others.

About Rainus

Rainus is a fast-growing company specializing in electronic shelf labels (ESL). Rainus InforTab is the most scalable and robust ESL system and is recognized by partners and retailers across the world. Rainus gives trust to customers and its products used in various sectors including offices, warehouses, and factories. InforTab™ is based on customized wireless protocol technology, designed to replace conventional paper labels, and transform stores and workplaces into the digital and connected space.

About Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a leading provider of silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world. Our award-winning technologies are shaping the future of the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets. Our world-class engineering team creates products focused on performance, energy savings, connectivity and simplicity.

About Zliide

Zliide is the omnichannel platform for brick-and-mortar fashion stores aiming to usher fashion retail into the new era. Using Bluetooth-powered intelligent security tag, cloud technology and mobile apps, Zliide is bringing the convenience of online shopping and customer insights of e-commerce into the physical store. The concept has been awarded by Mastercard Lighthouse Development Program 2019 Spring Edition, and Zliide is being implemented in multiple retail chains in the Nordics. Out of these is Denmark’s second biggest fashion retail chain, Companys, while another is the modern brand-store, Moss Copenhagen.

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