Nanoleaf Lights Up Connected Home Ecosystem

-- New Nanoleaf Starter Kit with Silicon Labs ZigBee Technology Introduces One of the Very First Apple HomeKit-Enabled Hubs --
Tuesday, October 27, 2015 3:07 pm CDT

TORONTO – Oct. 27, 2015  Nanoleaf, the industry leader in creating the most coveted designer LED products, is teaming up with Silicon Labs, a leading supplier of silicon and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), to debut the exclusive Nanoleaf Smarter Kit -- Nanoleaf’s first-ever connected product. Smart, stylish and built with unrivaled energy efficiency, Nanoleaf’s latest addition to the lighting industry offers far more than mere illumination. It is one of the very first HomeKit-enabled products to be created. Developed in collaboration with Silicon Labs, the Smarter Kit uses the company’s best-in-class ZigBee® connectivity technology to receive and send signals to complete its commands.


The Smarter Kit – Nanoleaf Looks to the Future of Light with Smart Connectivity

Already established as the lighting industry’s leader in energy efficiency, Nanoleaf is ready to tackle the connected realm with its new HomeKit-compatible Smarter Kit. Outfitted with the Nanoleaf Hub and Nanoleaf Ivy smart bulb, the Smarter Kit is a two-in-one system that not only wirelessly connects your lighting to your mobile devices but also to all of your existing Apple products. With its HomeKit compatibility, the Nanoleaf Hub marks the beginning of the future of lighting, making home automation a far more inclusive and interactive realm than ever before. Launching on Indiegogo, the Smarter Kit is currently available for pre-orders on the crowdfunding website with an official launch on Amazon later next month.


Nanoleaf Hub – Apple HomeKit Enabled

Nanoleaf’s Hub is designed to integrate with the Apple HomeKit platform for seamless integration with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch products. The Hub takes on a fully enclosed dodecahedral design and comes with a premium matte black finish that gives it an undeniable appeal unlike any other smart home product today. Made with the recyclable material ABS, the hub’s exterior features sleek silicone paint and utilizes PMMA for the indicator lights to create a brilliant optical effect. Equipped with a Silicon Labs ZigBee mesh-networking SoC, the Nanoleaf Hub connects the Smart Ivy with the existing Apple ecosystem, allowing full wireless connection including voice-controlled commands via Siri. This capability allows consumers to control and customize their home lighting like never before with devices they already know and love. By using Silicon Labs’ ZigBee SoC, the Hub is able to achieve unparalleled range and reliability in its communications while still maintaining very high levels of efficiency and ensuring the utmost levels of convenience and security in your home.


Nanoleaf Smart Ivy – The World’s Most Energy Efficient Smart Bulb 

Joining the quickly growing realm of the IoT, the Nanoleaf Smart Ivy sets itself apart from all other connected lighting products with its unrivaled energy efficiency and unique geometric shape. A 60W equivalent bulb that uses only 7.5W of energy to produce 800 Lumens, the Nanoleaf Ivy lights up a space with far more efficiency than any other bulb on the market today. Featuring the company’s signature dodecahedral design with a sleek black exterior, the Smart Ivy is a technological powerhouse that has been elevated to the status of an eco art piece. The bulb is constructed of printed circuit boards (PCBs) that have been folded to create its distinct look while providing the highest efficiency possible. Made with custom LED chips situated on the bulb’s exterior and a custom power supply unit, the Smart Ivy also operates without a heat sink to decrease the amount of energy lost through heat and increase its lifespan to an unprecedented 27 years. The Nanoleaf Smart Ivy uses the industry-standard ZigBee protocol and Silicon Labs’ ZigBee SoCs to enable the optimal transmission of high-frequency signals needed to control the bulb—keeping it cool while making it the most energy-efficient connected lighting product in the world.


“No other hub or smart bulb in the market today matches our levels of energy efficiency and premium aesthetics. By combining our world-class engineering with unparalleled design, the team at Nanoleaf has created a connected product that surpasses every other smart home innovation today,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf. “By collaborating with Silicon Labs to use their wireless connectivity technology, we knew the Smarter Kit would be able to hit the highest efficiency levels while delivering the most reliable long-range commands via ZigBee.”


Silicon Labs’ Technology in Nanoleaf Smart Bulbs

Silicon Labs, the market leader in ZigBee silicon and software technology for the IoT, supports Nanoleaf Ivy connectivity with EM358x ZigBee SoCs and the field-proven EmberZNet PRO ZigBee software stack. The EM358x SoCs combine a 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 RF transceiver, an ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor, and large flash and RAM memory options. Deployed in more wireless mesh networking products than any other ZigBee stack, Silicon Labs’ EmberZNet PRO software provides best-in-class robustness, scalability and ease-of-use, even in large networks and challenging environments.


“As a pacesetter in the connected lighting market, Nanoleaf is breaking new ground in ease of use, functionality and elegant design with the introduction of the Nanoleaf Smarter Kit,” said Dennis Natale, vice president of IoT strategy and business development at Silicon Labs. “We are delighted to collaborate with Nanoleaf and provide the underlying ZigBee mesh networking technology to ensure robust, energy-efficient wireless connectivity for their connected lighting ecosystem.”


About Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf is a green technology company founded with the desire to promote sustainability through products that merge innovative engineering and high-end design. Founded in 2012, the company has already established itself as an industry leader in two short years—developing products with mass-market appeal and unrivaled technological breakthroughs. With three completed LED products, the new Nanoleaf Smarter Kit marks the company’s successful debut into the sphere of smart home products. Winning the Red Dot Award in Best Product Design for the Nanoleaf One and Nanoleaf Bloom as well as the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal for the One, the company has quickly made a name for itself in the lighting industry within a previously unexplored niche.


About Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a leading provider of silicon, software and system solutions for the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets. We solve the electronics industry’s toughest problems, providing customers with significant advantages in performance, energy savings, connectivity and design simplicity. Backed by our world-class engineering teams with unsurpassed software and mixed-signal design expertise, Silicon Labs empowers developers with the tools and technologies they need to advance quickly and easily from initial idea to final product.



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